“For On The Floor” #10

29 May

This is the 10th video in the “For On The Floor” videos to support parents and caregivers at home who want to use DIRFloortime® in everyday situations. This video is about getting out and doing Floortime in “the larger ecological context,” as we said in Respecting Autism, as restrictions on movement in public places are lifting. I suggest orienteering, as a way to get kids moving in 3 dimensional space.

2 Responses to ““For On The Floor” #10”


  1. The Realization Phase | Affect Autism - August 9, 2020

    […] Thursday mini-seminars, and the weekly online parent support drop-in. Also see Dr. Gil Tippy’s For on the Floor videos, and ICDL’s CEO Jeff’s blog. Check the Resources and Start Here menus on this site as […]

  2. Floortime is also Adolescent- and Adult-Led | Affect Autism - April 30, 2021

    […] you look at them and shrug. That’s Floortime. I suggested that Dr. Tippy make that his next For on the Floor video to follow up from his one about using […]

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