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Rebecca School Music Therapists Teach at MAR AMTA

4 Apr


I’m at the conference for the Mid-Atlantic Region of the American Music Therapy Association with the brilliant Music Therapists, Stacey Hensel, Anne DeWan, Zachary Kandler and Kenji Takeda, where we presented for five hours this morning on DIR/Floortime and Improvisational, Interactive Music therapy.  I promised the folks in the training that I would send them the slides, and Kenji promised them a bibliography, and so the form below is to give me the information necessary to send those two things.  Anyone else can get my powerpoint and the bibliography as well, just identify whether you were at the training or not.  I will be posting video and other things from our presentations from this conference soon, so watch for updates.

4/5/13- Just a quick update:  We also gave a concurrent session today about how to bridge the abstraction gap in Autism treatment.  If you want the slides from that, you can ask for them in the comment section of the form below, and I will send you the whole set, slides, and bibliography.

Gil and the Rebecca School Music Therapists at MAR AMTA in Scranton April 4th–6th

14 Mar


This post is intended primarily for our Music Therapy friends who will be attending the MAR AMTA conference in Scranton in April. All of the Rebecca School folks, Gil, Stacey, Kenji and Zach, along with our long-time colleague Anne who will present with us this time, will be doing both a CMTE and a Breakout this year at the conference. We think our CMTE, Improvise, Individualize and Self-Actualize: Autism and Developmentally Informed Music Therapy will be very helpful to therapists of all experience levels. It will support all of the great work done by other therapists on developmental work within music therapy, for instance, I would like to particularly note here John Carpente, and the great folks at Molloy College and the Rebecca Center for Music Therapy. This CMTE will be full of great videos, lot’s of information, roll plays and fun. Also, we will be giving away some great Freebies!

If you sign up for the CMTE, we will give you a FREE copy of

Free Paperback Edition to all CMTE Participants

Free Paperback Edition to all CMTE Participants

in paperback! As an extra, added bonus, we will give you a voucher for a FREE Kindle version of Respecting Autism, in the new revised edition, when it comes out in the next couple of months. You are going to want this, as it will have all the clickable hyperlinks you will need to really go in depth with your understanding of developmental approaches, and will have a special added section about interactive, improvisational music therapy and the DIR model. These two books retail for about 30 Dollars, but we are so enthusiastic about your participation in our CMTE that we want to give them to you for free.

We look forward to seeing you all in Scranton, and we hope you sign up for our pre-conference CMTE.

Part 2 of Autism and Music Therapy at ICDL

4 Feb

Here is the second part of the presentation I did with the great music therapists from Rebecca School, Stacey Hensel, Kenji Takeda and Zach Kandler at the ICDL national conference this year.  In this section I make the case for the fact that music therapists, particularly interactive, improvisational music therapists, particularly Nordoff-Robbins music therapists have beaten a lot of other relationship based therapists to the punch in terms of their long history, and their dedication to research.  I also talk about the giants on whose shoulders we all stand, T. Barry Brazelton, Stanley Greenspan, Margaret Mahler, Ani Bergman, Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins.  The presentation was Continue reading

Improvisational Interactive Music Therapy and DIR Part 1

22 Nov

This is part one of the presentation we did at ICDL’s  annual conference at Montclair State University about how important interactive, improvisational music therapy is the treatment of Autism, and other challenges of relating and communicating.  Stacey Hensel, Kenji Takeda and Zach Kandler presented with me, and their work really shone.  We have gotten so many supportive and excited messages from the people who saw the presentation, and those who wish they had, and so I am posting it in excerpts here on my blog.  The previous blog post has a form you can fill out to get the powerpoint from the presentation, if you would like it, and ICDL intends to make the entire presentation available in late January or early February of 2013.  Until then, enjoy the post, and if you want to get a message when I post more, click on the “follow” button, and you will be notified as more gets posted.

Interactive, Improvisational Music Therapy at ICDL

16 Nov

If you were in the audience at Montclair State University today, you know how incredible Stacey Hensel, Kenji Takeda and Zach Kandler of the Rebecca School were, because you gave them a standing ovation for their presentation. We were all so proud, and I was honored to be a part, and to see all of you standing, and crying, made all the work worthwhile. We really wanted to represent our version of interactive, improvisational music therapy in the Interdisciplinary Council for Developmental Learning community. If you were not there, you really missed a special day. However, you are in luck!

Gil Tippy, Zach Kandler, Kenji Takeda and Stacey Hensel at ICDL annual conference 11/16/22

Over the next couple of weeks I will post pieces of the presentation we did today, and if you fill out the form below, I will send you the powerpoint from the presentation. ICDL also recorded the event, and I am sure you will be able to view the presentation through their online version of the conference. Check back here often, because as I get the clips edited, I will put them up. A great day for respectful, developmentally appropriate treatment for kids.

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