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Gil on The Coffee Klatch Radio Show Last Night

9 Jan

Click on the above link to hear my interview with Chuck Walley on The Coffee Klatch last night. Chuck was very well informed about DIR, and we spoke a lot about the difference between DIR and ABA. Again, we know where I stand, but I am becoming increasingly impressed with how much parents dislike ABA, and how attracted they are to the methods, and the results, of DIR. Chuck spoke about his own child and how he has used DIR and its ideas in his work with his child. I also got a chance to examine the critical link I see between Autism Spectrum Disorders and the lack of abstraction in kids with the diagnosis. I think this is a pretty good interview, and I think it is worth a listen, if you have a little time.

Oh, and I hope you like the new look of the blog. Despite my love of orange, I think this makes it a little more readable. New year, new look.

Now, let’s change the world of Autism treatment for the better!

Extended interview with Dr. Tippy on Web Radio

6 Nov

I did an interview with Hubert O’Hearn of By the Book Reviews last week, and now that interview is on web radio. You can listen to that interview, done to accompany the review of my book, Respecting Autism by clicking here: Listen to the extended interview with Hubert O’Hearn on By the Book Reviews. If you want to read the review, click here: Read the review of the book, Respecting Autism

It was really interesting to do a web interview, sitting in my office at Rebecca School. But Hubert was so personable, and had read and liked the book, so that made it a lot easier. I hope you like it; the people who have heard it have given me really great feedback.

I have lots of video to post in the next couple of weeks. Until then, perhaps I will see you at The Center for Discovery on November 9th, and/or at the ICDL conference in Washington November 11–13.

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