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Gil talks about Shrub Oak International School on “Affect Autism.”

15 Feb


I love the blog and website, Affect Autism! I sat down with my good friend, and fierce developmental advocate, Daria Brown, while I was in Toronto at Oakwood Academy a couple of weeks ago, to do a podcast and interview for her influential blog. We talked about Shrub Oak International School, the school I am helping to found in Westchester County, New York. We ranged over a number of topics, but we focused in on how I plan to use what I have learned over many years of starting, running and consulting to schools to make Shrub Oak extraordinary. Specifically, we talked about how the fantastic 127 acre campus of Shrub Oak supports the sensory processing challenges of students, and avoids the problems that occur when classrooms are overcrowded and schools are loud and confusing.

Take a couple of minutes to listen to the interview, visit the Shrub Oak website, and then do a deep dive on Daria’s site, “Affect Autism.” I think you will find it worth the time you invest!

Dr. Tippy About the Developmental Capacities in DIR/Floortime

5 Oct

This is the beginning of a presentation I did over the web for Oakwood Academy in Toronto. I was in Spokane Washington to help a really cool group of folks start a creative and socially active center for Autistic and Aspie adults, and did this session with Oakwood from there. They asked me about Functional Emotional Developmental Capacity IV of the DIR/Floortime model, among other things, and this is the PowerPoint from that session, with my comments recorded.

Generally, I have more human action in my videos, but this is a free training in the Developmental Capacities, with my independent thinking about them, and you can get a brief tutorial before plunging into the commitment of doing a full training by one of the groups that is certifying practitioners in the DIR model.

I will post more from this session later. Enjoy

Dr. Gil Tippy talks about Humanoid Robots to Treat Autism

8 May

This is a video of the beginning of the concluding meeting we had at Oakwood Academy in Toronto, after we went to help them with their efforts to work in the DIR/Floortime model. Kim Hirschberg, Rebecca School’s Parent and New Staff trainer, and I went to Toronto as part of Rebecca School’s outreach and community support. At Rebecca, we see ourselves as a community resource, and that community includes any place that wants to do appropriate, respectful, developmental work with children or adults with neuro-developmental disorders of relating and communicating.

We had done two days of direct work and coaching with kids, and we had done a parent meeting in a local high school gym the night before with a very enthusiastic and interested group of Toronto parents, and so we were tired. I got up in my little hotel room, to be greeted with a news story about a breakthrough treatment for Autism Treatment in Toronto. In my fatigue, and grandiosity, I imagined that the news channel had decided to cover my DIR/Floortime work in Toronto. Imagine my deflation with the subject of the news story actually came on.

I made light of it in my lecture to the group, but I actually think it is a little disheartening to imagine that research money goes to supporting children on the Autism Spectrum becoming even more isolated from their loving and warm families, peers and teachers.

Gil on the “I” in DIR at Oakwood Academy in Toronto

25 Mar

This is a video of me answering a question for a parent in an open forum in Toronto, in support of Oakwood Academy, a school for kids with neurodevelopmental challenges. They are using the DIR/Floortime model as part of their comprehensive curriculum, and I have been supporting them, doing case conferences and coming to the school, as they work to create a great educational program for their kids. They are a really wonderful group of people, so hard working and dedicated, and they are doing a great job in the model.

During my recent visit, the Oakwood Academy people rented a local gymnasium and invited their parents, and others in the community, to come hear me speak about DIR/Floortime. The reception we got was fantastic, which is not surprising, as we talked about a developmental model, that takes into account who a child is, and respects that child for who he or she is. Parents are always excited to find that there is an appropriate, developmental model, which respects their child, and works!

There will be other videos from my three days with this great group of people at Oakwood Academy coming soon.

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