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Rebecca School in the New York Times Today!

8 Aug

Today we were lucky enough to have a reporter from the New York Times,Vivian Yee, and a photographer, Librado Romero, to come and write an article about the “Olympics” at Rebecca School. There is a great photograph in the article of Ryan Lambiasi, our adapted phys ed teacher, and a student, Dylan Riano, working on their technique for the shot put. There is a brief quote from me, and a nice quote from Tina McCourt, the Program Director, but the real juice can be found in the quotes from the kids. It was a lot of fun to show the school to visitors, and a real joy to see the kids enjoying the day so much. Link to the article below. It is a quick read, and we are proud to be represented in the New York Times!
New York Times Article about Rebecca School

Why You Need to Pick One Good Boat to Row

9 Feb

The video in this post is the introduction to a presentation I did in the beginning of February at the Rebecca School. I wanted to help people to remember that our model, the DIR model, Floortime, the Greenspan Model, is a wonderfully flexible model, rooted in the best developmental science, and is very effective. I start by talking about Rembrandt, and a painting I love, Aristotle with a Bust of Homer. I talk about the fact that all Rembrandt used was linseed oil, pigment and a little solvent, to paint these luminous paintings. Then, I talk about an idea I first learned from Pema Chodron, the American Buddhist teacher, of picking one boat, and staying in it; of avoiding boat shopping. We, at Rebecca School, have chosen the simple, child and family friendly tenets of DIR/Floortime, as our simple tools, our boat, and we intend to stay in it. Finally, I talk a little about a great PBS Series, This Emotional Life, where they talk about the theoretical underpinnings of good, scientifically based, developmental interventions. Finally, we end up in my kitchen for a summing up. Enjoy the talk; there are a lot of other pretty cool posts coming in the next couple of weeks, so I will talk to you all soon.

Interview on the “Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism”

25 Jan

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism
Above is a link to a cool blog where I had a chance to do an interview on the controversy relating to the New York Times article last week about the proposed changes to the Autism Spectrum Disorders diagnostic criteria. I weighed in, but toward the end of the interview I proposed a way to make change here in the Autism Community. It is about time to use our voices to assure continued funding for the people in our community who are the consumers of treatment. We need to be vocal with our legislators, and with the charities to whom we send our money. If you give your money to a not-for-profit, and they use some of it to lobby for legislation, it is time to tell them to stop supporting one intervention or another, and instead, lobby for appropriate funding, and continued funding, for the people who need it. In other words, call on the charities you support to lobby only as advocates for continued financial support for appropriate treatment, and stop lobbying on behalf of one intervention or another. Remove your financial support if they do not.

So please, click on the link above to read the interview, which also links to the New York Times article, has links so you can find your state and federal legislators, a link to the Affordable Health Care Act, and a link to the proposed changes in the DSM 5 diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is a really cool blog, my interview aside, loaded with useful links.

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