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Dr. Tippy Speaks to Museum Professionals at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1 Mar

In February, I got to speak at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! I have been a lifelong visitor to this museum, even having my room plastered with posters of paintings from the Met as a child. Needless to say, I was thrilled and honored. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to share some thoughts about the DIR model and its compatibility with the missions of the museums in the New York metropolitan area, and indeed, with the missions of museums everywhere. I got to give an overview to the DIR model, show a little video of how it works, and then make some suggestions to the local museum professionals about how they can make their museum experiences more fulfilling for their visitors with Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Relating and Communicating. Click on the link to the MAC website with a full transcript of the talk, and some other great pictures.

When I was done, my friend and colleague Aaron Feinstein, spoke about a collaboration between the Rebecca School and The Brooklyn Museum that we just completed. This project was managed by Aaron and the great teachers and staff at Rebecca School, as well as the great educators at the Brooklyn Museum. After about a year of work, we believe that we have a template for fulfilling collaborations between museums and schools, that will make for meaningful experiences for the students with ASD. Aaron, and his not for profit, Actionplay, will spearhead our efforts, and I am excited to play a part in this great project.

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