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Gil on the “I” in DIR at Oakwood Academy in Toronto

25 Mar

This is a video of me answering a question for a parent in an open forum in Toronto, in support of Oakwood Academy, a school for kids with neurodevelopmental challenges. They are using the DIR/Floortime model as part of their comprehensive curriculum, and I have been supporting them, doing case conferences and coming to the school, as they work to create a great educational program for their kids. They are a really wonderful group of people, so hard working and dedicated, and they are doing a great job in the model.

During my recent visit, the Oakwood Academy people rented a local gymnasium and invited their parents, and others in the community, to come hear me speak about DIR/Floortime. The reception we got was fantastic, which is not surprising, as we talked about a developmental model, that takes into account who a child is, and respects that child for who he or she is. Parents are always excited to find that there is an appropriate, developmental model, which respects their child, and works!

There will be other videos from my three days with this great group of people at Oakwood Academy coming soon.

Tomorrow: Webinar with Dr. Tippy

26 Sep

Tomorrow, Thursday September 27th at 4:00 pm Eastern Time, I will be doing an hour webinar for ICDL on Floortime in the schools. Dave Nelson, Founder of the Community School in Atlanta will be the Discussant to ask your questions and make my presentation clearer. In November, Dave will present, and I will act as the discussant. In January, my friend, and the Program Director of the Rebecca School, Tina McCourt, will present on the IDEA and FAPE, and other topics that rarely get discussed in relationship to DIR. It should be a great and much needed presentation.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all at the webinar tomorrow at 4:00 pm. Go to ICDL at the address below, and click on the virtual auditorium,


DIRFloortime in Schools Live Webinar – TOMORROW!

DIR ® Schools in Action: Strengthening Capacities All Day, Every Day
Featuring Dave Nelson, Director of The Community School & Gil Tippy, Clinical Director of The Rebecca School.

Join us on September 27, 2012 at 4:00 PM EDT by visiting ICDL’s Virtual Auditorium at http://www.icdl.com

Gil on The Coffee Klatch Radio Show Last Night

9 Jan

Click on the above link to hear my interview with Chuck Walley on The Coffee Klatch last night. Chuck was very well informed about DIR, and we spoke a lot about the difference between DIR and ABA. Again, we know where I stand, but I am becoming increasingly impressed with how much parents dislike ABA, and how attracted they are to the methods, and the results, of DIR. Chuck spoke about his own child and how he has used DIR and its ideas in his work with his child. I also got a chance to examine the critical link I see between Autism Spectrum Disorders and the lack of abstraction in kids with the diagnosis. I think this is a pretty good interview, and I think it is worth a listen, if you have a little time.

Oh, and I hope you like the new look of the blog. Despite my love of orange, I think this makes it a little more readable. New year, new look.

Now, let’s change the world of Autism treatment for the better!

Part 2 of Dr Gil Tippy, Young Shoe, Mrs Shoe, The Principal and Woody

1 Apr

This is the continuation of the video in which a kid challenges me to bring puppets to play with his puppet, and I resort to my shoe. I was admonished in a comment on the previous post that I was being a little directive to call it traditional play therapy. Isn’t that wonderful?! I was worried about the people in the DIR/Floortime world thinking I was too directive, and inadvertently brought to my attention another part of the child therapy world that believes in following a child’s lead! So here, Floortimers, are our natural allies, the dynamic community Continue reading

Gil Tippy, PsyD talks about Limit Setting, Controlling Contingencies, DIR and the Pooping Rhinoceros

24 Feb

This is a continuation of the video I posted two weeks ago about setting limits and controlling contingencies. This second part of the training took place the following Friday, and went into working with older kids. I showed a video of me pushing a kid in a situation where she was having trouble with the way she was feeling. I worked hard at keeping her engaged, keeping her in a continuous flow, using her higher Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities when she had access to them, and moving down to help her regulate when she had trouble. It went on for quite a while, but she finally Continue reading

Dr. Gil Tippy answers a question about Not controlling contingencies in Autism interventions

6 Feb

This post is a video of me at a training this week. We showed a video with a kid who was not yet fully able to think abstractly, who was trying to touch the Floortimer in a place where she did not wish to be touched. She set a clear boundary, and did not let the kid touch her in the inappropriate place, but did allow him to play a patty-cake kind of game with her. She stayed in the interaction with the kid, setting clear boundaries, and inviting him to play. You could see him thinking, and it was a great back and forth. Some of the people in the training wanted to know it it wouldn’t be easier for the kid if he had less complex Continue reading

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