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Gil Presenting at USAAA, on Free Live Stream, Thursday 7/30/15

30 Jul

logo-05I am so lucky to be presenting at the United States Autism and Asperger Association National Conference in Tucson this week. I will, of course, be talking about Rebecca School and developmentally appropriate ways of supporting students and adults with neurodevelopmental challenges of relating and communicating. The great news is you can watch it live, free, by going to the USAAA live stream, here, at 11:00 am Pacific time, or 2:00 pm Eastern time. I am not sure about the status of the talk in a future archive, but if you want to see my current thinking about DIR/Floortime and education, you can see me live at a really terrific conference!

Gil Tippy and Christopher Gauthier at USAAA

19 Dec

This is a snippet of an hour long public talk Christopher Gauthier and I gave at the United States Autism and Asperger Association national conference in Kansas City this Fall. USAAA just put this up on line, it had originally gone out live on a live feed from the conference, and I was really pleased to be able to link to it. USAAA is a very cool group, dedicated to finding sensible answers to dietary, biological and intervention questions for the Autism and Asperger community. I am always delighted to be asked to participate. This year I got to sample (and by sample I mean I ate every meal!) Kansas City barbeque. I also got to spend time with Chris Gauthier, the immensely talented photographer and inspiring activist. He and his wife Jacqui are the kind of friends who you dearly want to spend more time with, but somehow cannot make all the busy schedules work to get together. We all have these friends, and the Gauthiers are mine. I console myself by having access to Chris’ work, and by these annual conferences where we get to touch base once again. Maybe now that I am part time on the west coast, in Santa Rosa, CA, so that the distance between the Gauthiers and the Tippy’s is shorter, we can finally make our visits more regular. Check out Chris’ work at the link above, and notice the gallery of pictures we are sitting in front of on stage at USAAA. They are also Chris’s work.

Gil and Christopher Gauthier at United States Autism and Asperger National Conference

6 Sep


Hope some of you got to see the amazing Christopher Gauthier and me streaming live from the United States Autism and Asperger Association national conference. Here we are on stage, after the presentation, in front of some of Christopher’s Photographs from his Facing Autism project. You can access that here http://www.christophergauthier.com/ , or you can follow the link to it from my home page http://www.drgiltippy.com . We had an amazing day here in Kansas City. Wish you were here to see it.

Respecting Autism Radio Show Premier!

2 Dec

The Respecting Autism Radio Show is set to begin this Sunday, December 8th, at 9:00 pm  Eastern Time, on the Coffee Klatch Special Needs Radio Network.  I’ll be interviewing Christopher and Jacqueline Gauthier about their activism and advocacy in the Autism/Asperger Community nationally.

EA_Facing_christopher_gauthier (2)


They are very cool, and their work is inspiring, and I am really excited to be talking to them on my inaugural show!

EA_Facing_jacqueline_gauthier (5)

Gil Tippy

Dr. Tippy in Salt Lake City to speak at the United States Autism and Asperger Association National Conference

15 Aug

I am so excited to be here in Salt Lake City today at the beginning of this very cool conference. I am not among the great photos you see here, taken by Christopher Gauthier, usaaa_logo_transparent_062713events_conference_500x250 but I think I will be able to spend some time with Chris here at the conference, and finally get to meet Jackie Gauthier, whom I have known and admired from afar for a long time.  We will be

presenting on a panel together on Saturday: Panel: Building Relationships, Marriage, and Family in the Context of Autism
Christopher Gauthier, MFA
Jacqueline Gauthier
Lori K. Brill, PsyD
Gil Tippy, PsyD

I am also lucky enough to be presenting on a panel on Friday, where I hope I make all my colleagues at Rebecca School proud:
Panel 2: Special Education in the Schools
Gil Tippy, PsyD
Rebecca Anderson, MA (teacher)
Hanne O’Brien, MS, OT
Michelle Vance, MCD, CCC-SLP

I’m sorry you can’t all be here, as the line up of people and topics is phenomenal, but I will post updates, and if you click on the links to the USAAA website, you can get the whole conference in a digital format, so you really don’t have to miss a thing.

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