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Where Did The Autism Epidemic Come From, At the Invitation of New York area Waldorf Educators

31 Aug

What a great day yesterday! I was asked to speak in front of a group of 150 Waldorf Educators at the Waldorf School of Garden City, and it was one of those life changing experiences for me. They were all so talented, and thoughtful in their interactions with children, and their insights absolutely blew me away. For instance, I shared with them a circle we, at the Rebecca School, had created for our kids, and then their movement people showed me how to make it much better. What had taken us 6 months of blood, sweat and tears to create, they immediately understood, and then improvisationally, on the spot, made delightful improvements.

It made me realize even more clearly, that there are very many people, across disciplines, across populations, who use respectful, developmentally appropriate, thinking based supports for the children and adults they serve. We need to unite, and make our voices heard! The people we serve deserve nothing less.

The clip above is a little bit of me talking about the full-cup theory, and how it leads to a developmental stall.

If you were are a Waldorf Educator, whether you were there in Garden City yesterday or not, and whether you school is accredited or not, you can fill out the form below and get the slides from my presentation, and the video of the Three Billy Goats Circle.

Part 2 of Autism and Music Therapy at ICDL

4 Feb

Here is the second part of the presentation I did with the great music therapists from Rebecca School, Stacey Hensel, Kenji Takeda and Zach Kandler at the ICDL national conference this year.  In this section I make the case for the fact that music therapists, particularly interactive, improvisational music therapists, particularly Nordoff-Robbins music therapists have beaten a lot of other relationship based therapists to the punch in terms of their long history, and their dedication to research.  I also talk about the giants on whose shoulders we all stand, T. Barry Brazelton, Stanley Greenspan, Margaret Mahler, Ani Bergman, Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins.  The presentation was Continue reading

Dr. Gil Tippy and Dr. Anni Bergman present, June 2010

10 Jun

This is Part 1 of a presentation I made with Dr. Anni Bergman at the Rebecca School in NYC in June 2010. Dr Bergman and I had spoken several times about the possibility of presenting a case from our two different perspectives, my DIR/Floortime perspective, via Dr. Stanley Greenspan, and her Separation and Individuation perspective, which she was instrumental in developing while she worked in New York with Margaret Mahler and her team. We were finally able to get a date, and we presented a child who Dr. Greenspan had consulted with us on, whose family had been part of a study done at our school on parental attachment styles, and on whom I had written as part of a book we wrote with Dr. Greenspan, Continue reading

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