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Dr. Tippy’s Blog celebrates 1000 Ausome Things #AutismPositivity2013 by asking for Aspies and Autistics to Design the new cover for “Respecting Autism”

29 Apr
The Old Cover for "Respecting Autism"

The Old Cover for “Respecting Autism”

To Celebrate 1000 Ausmone Things, I am putting out a plea to the Autistic and Aspie communities to participate in the redesign of “Respecting Autism.” I am trying to correct one of the flaws in the currently available edition of “Respecting Autism”, in that it violates the “Nothing About Me, Without Me,” theme of the Autism Acceptance Movement. I have the family’s voices throughout, and the kids are shown respect throughout, but there is no piece of the book created by an Autistic.

Above is the current cover for “Respecting Autism”, designed by a neuro-typ. I need help for my version 2.0 of the book. If you are Autistic or Aspie, or if you identify yourself as a neuro-atyp or someone with Autism or Aspergers, and you like to, or think you would like to design things graphically, please send me a file with your re-imagined cover for the re-written book.

Book Specs: Cover is 8 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches. Remember: There is a back cover as well!

Needs the title, Authors: Stanley I. Greenspan, MD and Gil Tippy, PsyD

Please consider: This book will be for sale on the web, on sites like Amazon, and the picture of the cover will be less than an inch high. The title has to be in font that’s readable in that tiny format.

Added bonus: If by chance your cover is not chosen for the cover of the book, you could still end up represented as a full color, full page runner up in the electronic version of the new edition of the book.

Please, only original material, and things you own as art. Copyright law is very strict, so please no pictures or words you don’t own.

Send your cover, in a format I can open, to grippy@drgiltippy.com

I am excited, and looking forward to your submissions! Good Luck!

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