Gil Speaking at USAAA

17 Aug


I am in Louisville for a great conference, United States Autism and Asperger Association! Every year I learn so much, and this year I get to play an even bigger role than usual. I am talking about DIR and schools on Thursday: CORE ACADEMICS: All Classrooms Begin With a Focus On “Me”. I am really excited about getting a chance to speak on Friday with Dr. Lawrence Kaplan, Founder and CEO of USAAA, about post 21 programs for people with Autism, right before the Keynote by Dr. Temple Grandin. That little intro will be on a live stream starting at 8:15. Click on the link!

The really exciting thing for me is Friday at 11:30, I will be doing a talk about an exciting national initiative based on my California not-for-profit, the Lifelong Development Center, for the support and continued development of People with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The whole hour, starting at 11:30 am Eastern Time, will be live streamed! It is a really exciting model based entirely on appropriate, respectful, effective developmental support. We are bringing the great strength and talent of the Autistics and People with Autism to the support of the rest of the community. That’s right, the whole point of this project is People with Autism to the rescue. This is the start of something big!

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