“Respecting Autism” Conference On Line, Free!

1 Apr


I am so excited to announce that the FREE online version of the Respecting Autism Conference we did in Middlebury, Vermont, in conjunction with The Rebecca School, The Sapphire Center and Middlebury College is now available to anyone who wants to view it! When you click on the picture above, or on the highlighted text for the conference above, you will be taken to a request page. Give us your email, and your name, and you will get an email from us with logon credentials. That’s all it takes.

Please send this invite to everyone and anyone you think might use this, whether parent or professional, group or other. Anyone can take the link and log on and watch 10 hours of great developmental work, explained.

This course is primarily a series of video presentations, all of which can be found in the Content section. Please see the Discussion section for posting questions and discussing topics!

To confirm your participation, please register using the following link. Click Here.

Once you create an account, you will be enrolled automatically and can begin.

This is a great, FREE way to see how DIR/Floortime is supposed to be done, by some of the greatest practitioners in the field.

One Response to ““Respecting Autism” Conference On Line, Free!”

  1. Gil Tippy April 6, 2015 at 7:50 am #

    No, Bernadette! There are a couple of links in the post that should work. Maybe your browser is blocking them?

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