ABA Detox, Part 5

28 May


This is Part 5 of a lecture I gave at Rebecca School about ABA Detox, the term we coined to talk about the difficulties children who have had a lot of ABA treatment sometimes have when they get into a respectful, appropriate developmental setting. I get a chance to talk briefly about language, and when children start talking as they move up developmentally. It is touching to me, that when I pause in the lecture and turn to the audience, that they all know that there are three words every parent wants to hear from their child.

One Response to “ABA Detox, Part 5”

  1. Daria May 28, 2014 at 6:05 pm #

    Love this series of posts. Today I asked the service integrator who called about our status on the ABA city waitlist how exactly they teach kids to “think” when she described this as a part of the ABA service. She said “matching is a precursor to thinking, believe it or not” so when I asked for an example she said you’d get the child to match a horse, then a stick figure horse, etc. I did not disclose that I have no desire to accept the wait list once accepted because we are doing DIR/Floortime as our primary intervention so I did not bother to probe further how exactly this matching will help my son think when he may not care to look at horses.

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