Dr. Tippy Explains DIR/Floortime

27 Mar

bannermicsOn my radio show, Respecting Autism, on the Coffee Klatch Special Needs Radio Network this past Sunday, I did a show where I explained the basics of DIR/Floortime. I did the show at listeners’ requests, because there are plenty of people in this country who do not know about DIR, and who cannot get information on it. This intervention, created by Stanley I. Greenspan, MD,  is the respectful, effective, developmental support for Autism Spectrum Disorders that we use at Rebecca School, and in my private practice and consulting. I mentioned ICDL as the place to get this training, and my friends Jake Greenspan and Tim Bleecker of the Floortime Center as another source for services and training. All of those links will take you to some understanding of DIR/Floortime, they are all good resources. Listen to the radio show here, or download it as a podcast on itunes. Just type in Gil Tippy under podcasts. It’s free!

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