Dr. Tippy About the Developmental Capacities in DIR/Floortime

5 Oct

This is the beginning of a presentation I did over the web for Oakwood Academy in Toronto. I was in Spokane Washington to help a really cool group of folks start a creative and socially active center for Autistic and Aspie adults, and did this session with Oakwood from there. They asked me about Functional Emotional Developmental Capacity IV of the DIR/Floortime model, among other things, and this is the PowerPoint from that session, with my comments recorded.

Generally, I have more human action in my videos, but this is a free training in the Developmental Capacities, with my independent thinking about them, and you can get a brief tutorial before plunging into the commitment of doing a full training by one of the groups that is certifying practitioners in the DIR model.

I will post more from this session later. Enjoy

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