Parents Deserve Attention to Their Individual Differences Too

25 Jul

I was invited, along with my Rebecca School colleague, Rae Leeper, to talk to a large group of Vermont special education teachers in their Vermont Agency of Education Autism Professional Development Camp. This group of bright, enthusiastic educators were eager to learn about the effective, family supportive, respectful, and cost-effective developmental model we use. This video is a brief clip of me talking about Individual Differences, the “I” in our model, but from the parent’s perspective, not the child’s. I also talk about getting the best “bang for the buck” in your intervention. It is one of the greatest benefits of this model, that rather than spending years “backwards chaining” from a goal as you might in some other interventions, you can work with families in an extremely cost effective way. It is an overlooked advantage of this developmental model, that along with its great effectiveness, its respect of the people involved, and its joyfulness, it is also very much cheaper to implement than other interventions for ASD’s.

It is always a joy to talk to deeply dedicated professionals like these Vermont teachers!

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