Dr Tippy Doing Free Webinar for Mothers Fighting Autism, Sunday, 4-14-13 at 11:00 AM, Eastern Time

13 Apr
Dr. Tippy Speaks to Museum Professionals
I will be speaking as part of this very diverse conference for Mothers Fighting Autism, on Sunday, April 14, at 8:00 am on the West Coast, and at 11:00 am on the East Coast.  I am going to explain DIR/Floortime, and explain why developmental challenges should be treated with a developmental intervention.  Here’s the link to my part of this webinar, and you can go there now to look, even though the webinar has not started.  They even have a countdown clock to when I will be presenting!
Here’s the blurb they have on the website:

Dr. Tippy will demonstrate how a developmental way of thinking about and working with kids on the Autism Spectrum makes sense. Dr. Tippy will connect the world of early childhood development to the functional emotional developmental capacities in the DIR/Floortime model. Finally, Dr. Tippy will address questions about how the DIR/Floortime model manages the same issues that other models manage.
Hope you can all make it, and I look forward to seeing, or hearing from you, there.
Update:  The conference went very well, and I met some new friends who will help shape my thinking as I go forward.  I believe the link to the conference is still up, and you can get a copy through the organization who sponsored the conference, Mothers Fighting Autism.

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