Part 2 of Autism and Music Therapy at ICDL

4 Feb

Here is the second part of the presentation I did with the great music therapists from Rebecca School, Stacey Hensel, Kenji Takeda and Zach Kandler at the ICDL national conference this year.  In this section I make the case for the fact that music therapists, particularly interactive, improvisational music therapists, particularly Nordoff-Robbins music therapists have beaten a lot of other relationship based therapists to the punch in terms of their long history, and their dedication to research.  I also talk about the giants on whose shoulders we all stand, T. Barry Brazelton, Stanley Greenspan, Margaret Mahler, Ani Bergman, Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins.  The presentation was great fun to do, but was also informative to those who attended.  If you want to see the rest of the presentation, the whole thing is available on the ICDL website, and I will continue to post pieces as we move along through the months.

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