Dr Tippy At Pace Autism Scholars

29 Oct

I am sitting on Long Island, with a few more hours, I think, before we lThe "D" stands for Developmentalose power to Sandy, so I thought I would take this opportunity to post the Powerpoint presentation from my presentation about DIR Basics to the Autism Scholars under Dr. Diane Zager at Pace University. I should also mention that there were also a number of professionals from the NYC public school system in attendance. They were all so bright, so insightful and attentive, and I offered them the Powerpoint so they could “single-task,” my new mission when talking to people. In other words, I wanted them to be able to pay attention and then get the notes later. Please feel free, even if you are not an Autism Scholar at Pace, to fill out the form below, and I will be glad to send you the link for the slides. If you are on the East Coast, stay safe and dry!

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