Article on “Reformed ‘Wild Child’ Gil Tippy Leads Murray Hill Autism School”

11 Jun

This post is about a story a local NYC news outlet did about me and the Rebecca School.  I had a great time talking to the reporter, she spoke personally with me for more than an hour, and then came back and toured the school to really get a grasp of what we do there.  I like the article, partly because the reporter really liked and understood what we do at Rebecca, and partly because I was amused at the emphasis being on my less than illustrious high school career.  I was not a motivated kid on the homework end of things, had real trouble reading, and real trouble writing.  I couldn’t take what I had in my head and put it on paper, and I couldn’t hear what someone was saying and turn it into an assignment.  I had real learning differences, and I guess that is one reason I do what I do these days.  I had the pleasure of mentioning Mr. Wilson, one of the devoted teachers who helped rescue me when I was a lost kid, and the mother of a girlfriend who insisted that I go to college, probably to get me out of my hometown and away from her daughter.  When you look back, you realize that some small number of caring people can change your life, and when you look at the rewards of teaching, intervening with difficult situations is one of the things that makes it worthwhile.

The article also has a slide show to look at of pictures from Rebecca School, and the pictures of the staff and kids are great.  Click on either of the pictures above, and read the article.  It is short, and amusing, and I hope you enjoy.

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