Dr. Tippy is Honored

15 Jan

Honor for Dr. Tippy
If you click on the link above, you will be taken to a page for “Autism Light.” This is a blog space where Alan Stokes, a father of a child diagnosed with ASD, tries to put together a positive set of posts recognizing various people in the autism community. The other day, it was me, and I was blown away to be put in the company of the people who have appeared in this space. I was made squeamish by the word “hero” being linked to me, as anyone who knows me personally will be able to tell you I am far from a hero. But, I think the honor came to me in recognition of the advocacy I have done in reference to the Developmental, Individual difference, Relationship-based Model (DIR), created by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. I think it came in my direction in recognition of my role in the Rebecca School in Manhattan, which is based entirely in the DIR model. And, I think it came my way because I have been very vocal about using DIR, and not using other ways of working that are not based in the respectful relationship model. I am glad to be honored, it is a very nice page, with a picture and one of my videos, and I hope it leads to more acceptance of DIR.

Now, let’s change the world of Autism treatment for the better!

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