Dr. Tippy on DIR vs. ABA at Rebecca School on The Total Education Radio Show

21 Dec

Gil On Total Education Radio last night.

Click on the link above to hear my interview with Neil Haley on Total Education Radio last night. I got a chance to talk about the book, Respecting Autism and Rebecca School. A lot of the discussion focused on the difference between DIR and ABA, and needless to say, that got interesting! The talk starts around 47 minutes into the podcast, I was being interviewed at 11:45 pm last night, and lasts to the end of the show.

Also, Neil Haley has said we can use the link/podcast for any additional promotion, so feel free to share the link.

Hope you enjoy the interview. If you like DIR you probably will, if you are a practitioner of ABA, you probably won’t. If you are the loved one of someone with Autism or some other spectrum disorder you will probably agree with much of what is said.

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