Dr. Gil Tippy on Autism, Abstraction, and Successful Interventions, Part 3 from Albany

11 Dec

This is part 3 of a talk that I gave in Albany to Capitol District Beginnings. I talk a lot about the “R” in the DIR model, and the need for everyone working with a kid needs to look at how he or she affects the kid. After talking about the Relationship part of the DIR model, I move to talking about where I believe “Autism” actually lives, between Functional Emotional Developmental Milestones IV and V. I argue that almost any intervention, sincerely applied by good hearted, well meaning people with kindness, will get kids to Functional Emotional Developmental Milestone III, but DIR is alone in it’s ability to move kids from dependence on their memories into the rich world of abstraction. If for no other reason, this is enough reason to use DIR, as I believe it is the only intervention that attacks the real, core deficit of Autism.

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