Gil Tippy,PsyD and Mary Wiener, OTR/L Present at Capital District Beginnings in Albany, Part 2

18 Nov

This is the second part of the presentation Mary Wiener and I did at a training for Capital District Beginnings in October, 2010. This video is unique for my blog, in that I almost don’t appear in it at all, except as a disembodied voice in the middle. I wanted to get as much of Mary’s very important discussion of sensory integration and DIR into this video as possible, and my editing of the presentation does not do it justice. This presentation should help to answer the calls for help and support I have gotten from OT’s asking for a way to help parents and schools to understand why they are doing what they are doing with their children on the spectrum, and why they are not doing certain other things. Mary does a great job answering this, I think. Also, today (November 18th), I have changed my website, and added a new link to it on the blog. I’m very excited to be expanding services in my clinical practice, and all of that is outlined on the website.

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