Dr. Gil Tippy and Dr. Anni Bergman present, June 2010

10 Jun

This is Part 1 of a presentation I made with Dr. Anni Bergman at the Rebecca School in NYC in June 2010. Dr Bergman and I had spoken several times about the possibility of presenting a case from our two different perspectives, my DIR/Floortime perspective, via Dr. Stanley Greenspan, and her Separation and Individuation perspective, which she was instrumental in developing while she worked in New York with Margaret Mahler and her team. We were finally able to get a date, and we presented a child who Dr. Greenspan had consulted with us on, whose family had been part of a study done at our school on parental attachment styles, and on whom I had written as part of a book we wrote with Dr. Greenspan, that is currently with some publishers, and which we are hoping will be out soon. This part of the video is really background on the child, and you should understand that we showed lots of video of the child and his mom, being interviewed, and being coached in Floortime by me. I am speaking largely in the mother’s voice in this segment, as I used a transcript of the presentation we did in consultation with Dr. Greenspan to write the book chapter from which I am reading. I am simply in awe of Dr. Bergman, and feel incredibly honored to be allowed to sit at her side. I hope you enjoy this presentation, which will be posted in several parts.

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