Dr Gil Tippy, Young Shoe, Mrs Shoe, The Principal and Woody

14 Mar

This is part one of a therapy session I did last week with a kid I see in my private practice who has recently gotten in trouble around his wanting to have friends. He hugged a little girl in his class, innocently, and the little girl did not like it. He got in trouble, and the parents of the little girl were quite upset and wanted him to have a severe punishment. The school was great, and understanding. Before he got to me, after the trouble in school, he and his mom went out to dinner, and he hit her, hard, in the restaurant. She was hurtand I took him into the session. This puppet show emerged from his ideas. I try to mix traditional play therapy with my work around the junction between FEDl 4 and 5, where, as long time readers of this blog know, I believe the real action is in this model. I continue to support him at lower levels, in order to make his foundation broader and stronger. I play Young Shoe, Mrs. Shoe, the Principal and myself, and my little friend plays Woody and Shirley. Listen as he writes the script and directs for me. He has a really cinematic vision! Part two, the conclusion, will be posted next week, so keep watching.

2 Responses to “Dr Gil Tippy, Young Shoe, Mrs Shoe, The Principal and Woody”

  1. Keith March 29, 2010 at 5:45 pm #

    Hey Gill,
    Interesting clip. However, i’d be careful about stating that you are using “play therapy” in your approach here as it contrasts greatly with what I have come to know as “traditional non-directive” play therapy. Might rub some people the wrong way or could perhaps mis-represent play therapy or DIR-Floor Time in that manner.


    • Gil Tippy March 29, 2010 at 7:28 pm #

      Hey Keith,

      Thanks for the caveat. I was being directive, and you are right. My emphasis here was that I was really speaking to the DIR people who I was concerned would find me too directive. I wasn’t thinking, incorrectly, that there are others out there who are as non-directive in play therapy.

      Thanks for watching, and thanks for the comment. I hope when I post part two, I look a little less directive.


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