Gil Tippy, PsyD talks about the R in the DIR Model

21 Jan

Wow! My last blog post got a lot of people to watch. I guess a lot of people have the same experience with good treatment and bad treatment, and the way they are told about it. In this post I am once again giving a talk about DIR/Floortime, and I offer some ideas about the origin of the idea that relationship is where children develop. I talk about the neuroscience behind this model and make the point that there is more to DIR than just the humanistic idea that we could be warm and loving to our children, while at the same time helping them to develop. Sometimes, I think the DIR/Floortime model suffers because it makes sense to us on a purely human basis, and we have somehow been tricked into believing that if it doesn’t seem harsh, and complicated and scientific, if it doesn’t seem difficult, then it cannot help. It’s about time people trusted their guts, and when they see their children being mistreated, they need to stop it, and do what they know in their hearts is right.

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