Gil Tippy talks about Picking Between DIR and ABA as an intervention

16 Jan

This is a highlight from a talk I gave in September, 2009. I talk about the fact that you should pick your spectrum intervention based on the core deficits of the disorder, not on some of the symptoms. For instance, in their discussions of “evidence based practice”, different behavioral groups will say that they have used “eye-gaze” as the criteria of success. In other words, measure eye-gaze, apply your behavioral intervention, eye-gaze goes up, you say that is proof of your intervention working. Not true. True, you have had an impact on the directionality of eyes, but that is not a core deficit. The core deficit related to this is not using eye-gaze to mediate the social space, not merely to look at someone. People who say, “Good looking at me!” are to be avoided at all costs.They are telling you that it is enough for them to have a kid blankly aim their eyes at them, without any real attempt at communication. Most people I know tell me they dream of their child communicating with them. They never tell me that they want their child to blankly cast their eyes in their direction, without intent or acknowledgement. Anyway, I do a better job of explaining this in the video, so click on that and watch, and leave a comment if you want to discuss this!

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