Dr. Gil Tippy talking about how he came to the DIR model

13 Jan

I had the opportunity to tell people how I had come to the DIR world, and my travels in the ABA world, at the orientation for staff at the Rebecca School in September 2009. This is entirely my take on the state of the world, and while I tried to be accurate in discussing other people’s ideas and statements, I may have made some mistakes. I mention that I was in a grant writing process with V. Mark Durand, and I was actually on a team that was in competition for the same grant, so aside from seeing him speak, and being impressed with his understanding of behavior, my relationship is a little tenuous. I don’t really want you to think I hob-nob with people I don’t. I hope that watching this, you can see my reverence for the warm and human greats of the ABA world. I want to thank them for leading the way, and now, I want to show the next, more human step.

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