Gil Tippy Speaks about Individual Differences in Autism Spectrum Disorders

8 Jan

This post is another clip from AMTA’s National Conference Presentation. That’s John Carpente, the brilliant music therapist, again up on the platform. I make some gross generalizations, use some hyperbole (Hyperbole is my greatest weakness!), but I am trying to make a point about the important things that are not addressed in some interventions, but that are Key to helping kids with Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Relating and Communicating. I say in this presentation in Nov. ’09 that in the old days, the dark ages, that kids were getting fine motor OT when they could barely walk and had no ideas where there bodies were. I guess I was too optimistic, as I am currently, like yesterday, helping a family with their advocacy with their school district, where the daughter is not abstract in any way, has no idea where her body is in space, constantly seeks vestibular and proprioceptive feedback at a high level, and the district is having her sit at a table and sort beads from one bucket to another. I wrote in the report I sent with the parents, “ Table top activities, like Sorting, are of absolutely No Use to her now, and any time spent doing them is wasted time. She can learn to sort later, if that skill ever becomes a useful work function again in our society, but until then, movement and good sensory integration are the order of the day.” For me, this is another example of the philosophy in place in the world of Autism treatment: “This intervention isn’t effective, it doesn’t impact the core deficits of Autism, but we know how to do it really well, and we can collect a bunch of irrelevant data on it, and make a lot of irrelevant charts to go along with it, so let’s do it!” I want to use evidence based practices too, but evidence of things not relevant to the core deficits should not be considered evidence. Let’s change the term to “RELEVANT Evidence-based Practices.”

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